Luxury Home Interior Design HK

Luxury Home Interior Design HK

Luxury Home Interior Design HK - Are you preparing for interior design for newly purchased flats in Hong Kong?  Hong Kong residential housing prices have skyrocketed for the past decade and it is showing no signs of stopping.  As new property owners, the new Hong Kong generation is now more aesthetically conscious than ever when it comes to decorating their new homes and making their home feels cozy and luxurious.   We are seeing more and more home owners willing to invest in interior design in Hong Kong.  There are no single rules in how to make your homes look perfect, but we hope these tips will prove useful in your luxury interior design (豪宅設計) plans:

  1. Using Marble. Marble is one of the most commonly used materials in 2017.  Not only does marble make great tops in the kitchen area, it also adds that elegant touch needed in luxury interior design (豪宅設計).

Luxury Home Interior Design HK - Jacking Up Creative Interior Design Luxury Home Interior Design HK - Jacking Up Creative Interior Design 2

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  1. Earthy Pastel Color. Pantone was spot on with serenity and rose quartz color in 2016 and we are seeing a growing trends in using an earthy pastel tone in luxury interior design in Hong Kong.


A pastel bathroom wall and an earthy bedroom background

  1. Adding “Green”. Yes you read it right.  Emerald green is so “in” in 2017 as they add that bit of vitality and freshness to the interior.  Besides furniture, adding plants like cactus other succulents that require so little attention will help you relaxed in your living room. The 2017 pantone color of the year “Greenery” make
    a great choice for luxury interior design.

Emerald green sofa

  1. Industrial Feel. Adding industrial feel to your home can provide a bit of warmth to your new home.  Brick walls and modern interiors would seem odd together at first, but over the last few years the number of architects and homeowners going for the brick walls are growing fast.  Whenever they need a touch of texture, unique character in the living room, brick wall has become a way to add elegance and personality to an otherwise boring interior dominated by glass and stone.

interior design hk
Brick Wall

  1. Velvet-upholstered furniture. Forget about Scandinavian bed frames, velvet-upholstered bedheads we normally found in hotels are making a comeback for luxury bedroom design.  It simply adds an instant glamour to your bedroom or living room.  The silky and plush finish velvet gives makes it an ideal fabric to cover your sofa or armchair. It also fits well with another big trend in home décor this year: 70s inspired interiors, which is all about spicing it up with some glamour into your interior design plan in Hong Kong.

Luxury Home Interior Design HK - Jacking Up Creative Interior Design
Source: Velvet sofa

  1. Small Flats Design. When it comes to space saving design, most people only focus on the floor area.  However, walls and ceilings can be very essential from space saving perspective, especially if your room has got high ceilings.  Think of freeing up the space on the floor by building lofted designs of beds.  Creating home office or storage compartments under the lofted beds.  A lot of the times, organization is key in making a small flat look bigger than it is.  If storage areas are nicely concealed, small flats can suddenly look that much bigger.

Lofted bed


A concealed kitchen

  1. Avoid furniture mismatch. Another common mistake in small flat design is furniture mismatch: one should avoid using oversized furniture in a small flat.  Transformable furniture is a growing trend in Hong Kong interior design scene.  Foldable beds, convertible dining tables, etc. are great helps to achieve a minimalist style in a smaller flat.
Luxury Home Interior Design HK

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