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  • Palace of the Century

    Palace of the Century

    TsimShaTui, The Masterpiece 3000 sq.ft This flat is located in a prestigious position in TsimShaTsui with a fantastic view, out-looking…

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  • Transparent Brilliance

    Transparent Brilliance

    Oakland 3000 sq.ft This interior design is focused on natural lighting, clean and brilliant fixtures. The contemporary art emphasizes on…

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  • Patterns of Romance

    Patterns of Romance

    Harbour View Garden 700 sq.ft Fall in love with the flat as the patterns and warmth of the design focuses…

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  • Urban Rustic Comfort

    Urban Rustic Comfort

    Palatia Crest 1175 sq.ft Luxury in simple art. Picnic table themed dining room is a very modern and popular note…

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  • Unwinding the Space

    Unwinding the Space

    Spiral House, London This house was organized with an unfolding spiral, slowly unfurling from a central space, and becomes centre…

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  • From Russia with Love

    From Russia with Love

    TsimShaTsui 3000 sq.ft Enrich in the luxurious spaciousness of this design. The modern effects of transparency with a hint of…

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  • Ocean Foodcourt

    Ocean Foodcourt

    Beirut 5,000 Sft, 2008 Inspired by the water theme of the shopping malls, this food court has a continuous wave…

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  • Ultramodern East Meets West

    Ultramodern East Meets West

    Olympic Mansion, Central 3000 sq.ft Traditional Fixtures and Warm Tones: The owner of this flat is a Chinese antique art…

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  • American Casual Chic

    American Casual Chic

    The Bristo, Kowloon Tong, Fa Po Street 1480 sq.ft The owner of the Bristo runs a number of chain restaurants.…

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  • Japanese Cultural Twist

    Japanese Cultural Twist

    Island Resort, Chai Wan 855 sq.ft Cultural Twist: This flat was designed for a young couple whom adored the Japanese…

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  • French Vintage Chic

    French Vintage Chic

    The Grandville, FoTan 2300 sq.ft The female owner of this flat is intrigued with modern designs and works in the…

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  • A Mild Eco Japan

    A Mild Eco Japan

    Pacific Palisades, North Point 1064 sq.ft Bright, spacious, and a sense of comfort. Simplicity driven with warm color tones. Minimalism…

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  • Reading Art in Art

    Reading Art in Art

    Tai Yip Art Book Centre, Hong Kong Museum of History 3700 sq.ft Focus on the multidimensional states in design. The…

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  • Contemporary Simplicity

    Contemporary Simplicity

    Ocean Centre, TsimShaTsui 3450 sq.ft This office space was designed for a fashion house from Germany. The appearance directly affects…

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  • Renter’s Paradise

    Renter’s Paradise

    York Place, Wanchai 576 sq.ft Renter’s Paradise: The owner of this flat wanted to lease the flat to singles who…

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  • Scandinavian Love

    Scandinavian Love

    Chianti, Discovery Bay 1500 sq.ft The Scandinavian style with furniture, lighting, textiles, wall paper, accessories, and everyday utilitarian items like…

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  • Pieces with Character

    Pieces with Character

    Chianti, Discovery Bay 673 sq.ft Designed for a newly married couple with artistic visions, this flat was intentionally framed to…

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  • Cosmopolitan Modern Classic

    Cosmopolitan Modern Classic

    J Residence, Wanchai 823 sq.ft 1960s Hong Kong: The J Residence was designed for a young bachelor with the love…

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