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Luxury Home Interior Design Hong Kong

Luxury Home Interior Design Hong Kong

Christopher Suen, Director
B.A. (Hons) - University of Arts London

Christopher’s extensive experience and education in the creative industry, together with his many years of living and working in Europe, has propelled him to the career in interior designing. His attitude towards interior design is not only to increase property value but to also bring a comfortable and modern taste to homes and professional spaces.

As an interior designer, Christopher believes that a good design is as much about utilizing spaces as it is to transforming the surrounding into stylish environment.

With his in-depth knowledge and broad vision, modern and innovation solutions that are sophisticated, yet appropriate and comfortable. His vision is to create unique and timeless designs that are exclusive and tailored to individual requirements.




Jacking Up Creative Interior, a Hong Kong based interior design consultancy firm, was established in 2006 with the intention to creating design solutions for residential and commercial interiors.

Jacking Up Creative Interior, founded in 2006, have completed a vast variety of architectural and interior design projects. Within the context of intrinsic diversity that features various novelty of interior design, we visualize each project with an emphasis on the client subjective requirements and desire.

With our brand and label, we generate milestones out of each person’s view and enrich their perspectives with greater possibilities.

Our award winning interior design and company owner, Christopher Suen, has made all our client’s vision possible, while achieving results others believe to be impossible. Jacking Up Creative Interior has been in the industry for over 10 years.

Interior spatial design
Project management
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When you’re building a room, you’re building character, and character is the strength and wisdom of a home.

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The methodologies and approaches to restaurant designs are as varied as the restaurant concepts in existence today.Jacking Up Creative Interior takes all aspects into consideration, whether you want to design, remodel or plan.

We offer services such as corporate branding, silverware selection, uniforms, ventilation, bathroom and brand immersion, restaurant design for all audiences, restaurant menu designs, storage needs, kitchen needs, lighting design, acoustical design, and aroma design.


Retail spaces are at the forefront of contemporary interior design because they are updated regularly to stay competitive and appealing.

We offer market research that fits the needs and competitive natures of retail space. While being able to maximize space to allow clientele and product inventory, we brand each commercial retail property to the specific needs and requirements of our clientele.


Whether your flat is 300 square feet or 3000 square feet, our residential interior design team include services such as concept development, space planning, material selection, fixture selection, materials boards, lighting plans, furniture selection, upholstery/fabrics selection and project management.

Our team incorporates the client’s desire with contemporary designs that features award-winning phenomenon of interior excellence.

Whether you would like a futuristic appeal or a warm and rustic vibe, our team offers the best solution for the space provided.


Every workplace has its own unique design ideas, needs and requirements that standardized sizes often cannot accommodate.

Modern offices vary in size and layout, and often the availability of furniture dictates the office design when it really should be the other way around. Offices should be designed to facilitate their primary function.

We begin the design process with you, starting from your office’s specific size and layout, adding in your needs. Whether you need office furniture for private offices, collaborative conference rooms, high-density employee areas, reception spaces, or training classrooms, Interior Concepts can help you with your office design ideas.

Our office design concepts begin and finish with you, as we cater to your specific office needs by the inch, reshaping our furniture to your specifications.

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